Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Introduction

Since you are going to be seeing quite a lot of it in the near future, here is my face.  I wanted to give a brief introduction so here it goes.  I am a senior in college studying psychobiology.  I hope to go on to grad school to get my PhD in pharmacology.  My three greatest passions in life are science, Pokemon, and of course makeup!  Like I said in my blog introduction I am a Mary Kay independent beauty consultant.  There are many reasons as to why I decided to start a business with Mary Kay, the most important being that I want to be able to share skincare and color cosmetics with the women in my community who like me have no retail stores nearby with which they can try out makeup before they buy.  I also love makeup and decided that if I can't yet have a job in science I might as well settle for the next best thing, cosmetics!  Anyway that's me and once again I hope you enjoy my soon to come swatches!

Blog Introduction

Hello Everyone! Over the past year I've accumulated so many swatches, mostly lipstick, that I've posted to various outlets, primarily r/makeupaddiction. I've done many that have never even seen the light of day and I just don't think that's right!  I hope to use this blog to share all of my cosmetic swatches.  My ultimate goal is to help at least one person make a decision about a makeup purchase.  I live in an area far from any Ulta or Sephora so try before you buy is not really an option for me.  I rely on swatches I find online to tell me whether or not I'll like a product.  I'm going to start posting the swatches in the order from first to latest created.  I'll apologize in advance for the quality of some of my early ones, I wasn't really sure what I was doing, haha. In addition to swatches I'll also try to include some other makeup related posts.  I am a Mary Kay beauty consultant so definitely expect to see swatches, news, and reviews related to my business.  I hope you all enjoy The Swatch Station.